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Pool-fix™ Underwater Pool Repairs


Does your pool surface require repair ? Are you tired of looking at those stains? No need to empty your pool?

Chemco Pool-fix™ is the answer! Finally a repair solution you can do yourself.

Unique pool repair system that’s ideal for repairing cracks, small leaks, re-adhering pool tiles and grout repairs in swimming pools, ponds and aqueous tanks without the need to empty the water. Due to Pool-fix™ unique composition it can actually be applied underwater. Mix the two components above the surface, dive down and apply over the damaged areas.

This product has been specifically designed to be applied with minimum surface preparation directly onto surfaces underwater.

Testimonials from recent customers

“Wow, it worked, no leaks. I did it at the weekend, cracks sealed. Thanks for your help, Cheers”
Edmundi QLD, Oct 2016
“Finally got around to using the pool paint and it has come up beautifully. Better than expected! Thanks again for all your help!”
Auckland NZ, Dec 2016

The Advantages of Pool-fix™ are:

  • Forms a very smooth paint-like finish – can be coloured to match.
  • It is very easy to apply requiring little surface preparation
  • No special training or equipment required.
  • Versions available for both crack and grouting repair.
  • Its smooth finish is not a scratch hazard to swimmers.
  • Huge cost reduction as the product cures underwater so the pool does not have to be emptied.
  • Can withstand the physical stresses caused by wave action.
  • Superb adhesion – “pull- off” tests when applied to wet substrates surpass 1350psi before cohesive failure.
  • Can adhere to most swimming pool surfaces including tile, concrete, paints, etc.
  • It contains no solvent or styrene making the product’s user and eco-friendly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Pool-fix™ comes in a 1 kg kit consisting of 2 parts. We call them Part A and Part B. Part A is the resin. Part B is the hardener. It’s pretty easy you just add all of part B to part A thoroughly mix with just a stirring stick, ensuring both parts are mixed properly before starting the application.

Usually 3 colours in stock. White, and Pale and Tropical Blue

Pool-fix™ works as long as your pool is not over 40 degrees or under 0 degrees.

Remove all loose contamination by wire brushing or scraping using a spatula. Remove any scale, dirt, with waterproof abrasive paper (wet & dry paper) and grease where applicable.

It is recommended that an old long sleeved shirt and gloves should be worn when applying. A useful tip from one of our users said he wore an old balaklava to ensure he kept his hair clean. Mix the two components thoroughly, soon after mixing apply using a brush, trowel, putty knife, mitts or spatula. A standard brush would work fine. A popular method is by brush followed by smoothing out with a trowel or by hand.

The big advantage of this product is that it can be applied underwater without having to empty all the water out. All pools are different and the repair areas can vary significantly. It is critical to follow the instructions on the data sheets. Have the surface preparation done before mixing the two parts together.

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