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Improving Pump Performance

Chemco Australia specialises in providing guaranteed corrosion solutions for your equipment either at our Wollongong workshop or conveniently on your site. We have technicians who are skilled in the application of advanced ceramic & glassflake filled coatings to any substrate. With years of experience in improving pump performance for manufacturers and end users, we can protect new pumps or repair and rebuild corroded components to original condition.

The Chemcote Australia Advantage:
Our capabilities in coatings specification, design review, project management and coatings application has led to the company becoming one of the top coating specialists in Australasia.

  • Reliability
    That’s top on your list and ours too. Our ‘Guaranteed Corrosion Solutions’ is just that. ‘Guaranteed’ where we specify, supply and apply, we offer unbroken warranties on the coating system.
  • Wise Investment
    Anti-corrosion systems reduce ongoing maintenance costs and extend the life of your equipment. Consider the savings from improved operation efficiencies in the long-term.
  • Efficient, power saving coatings that last
    Quality Chemcote ceramic filled epoxy or glassflake-filled vinyl ester coatings dramatically reduce coating permeation rates to the substrate providing longer lasting protection for erosion and corrosion respectively.
    Pumps coated with Chemcote’s specialty coatings can significantly improve the efficiency rating by improving the laminar flow. The reduction in fluid friction results in power savings, and greenhouse gas reduction.
  • Comprehensive Engineering Solutions
    Besides coating application, we also provide machining facilities, dismantling and re-assembly of pumps to ensure full accountability from start to finish.

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Don’t throw out your old pumps just yet
Refurbishment is usually done at a fraction of the cost of replacing parts that have passed their life expectancy.
Chemcote Australia can increase efficiency in these existing parts improving pump performance and, as a result, reduce running costs dramatically.

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