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Underwater Repairs to Concrete & Steel using POOLFIX

This product range has been designed for underwater repairs with the minimum of surface preparation. It is ideal for repairing cracks, small leaks and grout repairs in swimming pools, ponds, aqueous tanks without the need to remove the water.

The advantages of Pool-fix™ are:

  • Little or no product dispersion during application.
  • Forms a very smooth paint-like finish and can be coloured to match.
  • It is very easy to apply requiring very little surface preparation
  • No special training or equipment required.
  • Versions available for both crack and grouting repair.
  • It has a smooth finish and is not a scratch hazard to swimmers.
  • Huge cost reduction as the product cures underwater so the pool does not have to be emptied.
  • Can withstand the physical stresses caused by wave action.
  • Superb adhesion  “pull- off” test when applied to wet substrates surpass 1350psi before cohesive failure.
  • Can adhere to most swimming pool surfaces including tile, concrete and paints.
  • Contains no solvent or styrene making the products user and eco-friendly.
  • Solvent-free Pool-fix™ Range Underwater Pool Repair Systems Pool-fix & Pool-fix Filler/Grout

underwater repairs using POOLFIX underwater repairs using POOLFIX Underwater coating using POOLFIX

Underwater Repairs to Concrete & Steel using POOLFIX – a Chemco Australia specialty

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