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Condenser Water Box


Condenser Water Box


Power Generation,






Mild Steel water boxes & mild steel tube sheet with a copper alloy combination tube,



Chem-tect™ RB 300 series,



60-80°C, sea water,



Tube sheets were corroded due to a galvanic reaction between dissimilar metals. These were treated on site by scaffolding and encapsulation to prevent dust in the station. A two week outage allowed time for removal of the condenser water box units from site, fabrication repairs to corroded areas and machining of rebates prior to deliver to our workshop. There was a large amount of work to be completed within a tight time frame.


PGEN1 CWB photo 1Condenser Water BoxCondenser Water box 3

Condenser water boxes in the workshop

Chemco’s Solution:

  • Work commenced on a round the clock basis, an understanding of the required deadline
  • Abrasive Blast to AS 1627
  • Application of primer to all surfaces
  • Pitfill all corroded areas and reinforce using composite materials i.e. fibreglass
  • Application of RB 332 in 3 coats
  • Carry out QA to ensure coating longevity
  • Application of RC 500 to prevent marine growth



This client has become one of our regular customers particularly for its cooling water systems. Chemco Australia has now conducted numerous jobs for this client, including multiple condenser water box units. During a routine inspection, it was noted that another unit with the same coating showed no signs of deterioration.


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