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Preventing blockages using Chemcote Solution

OVERVIEW:    A composite solution was used to restore the plant roof preventing moisture from entering and clogging up the entire fume suppression system. With the plant area back in service, the patched areas will provide years of protection in this aggressive environment. For more information on how we can help you please contact us.


Abrasive & corrosive coke dust environment


30 year old mild steel suffering corrosion erosion on chute and roof structure


Carry out spark free surface preparation and composite repairs insitu to prevent water from blocking up outlet to the conveyor below


Abrasion Resistant RB 364CS coupled with alumina tiles was the ideal solution for this environment, consolidated with Basalt Fibre Wrap used for additional erosion protection


Mechanically clean using specially acquired needles for the needle gun and bristle blaster to prevent sparks

Application of 1 coat RB 364CS

Application of ceramic tile where appropriate

Basalt Fibre composite wrap consolidated with RB364CS


Chem-tect RB 364CS High temperature Vinylester Glassflake, Basalt Fibre Weave and Ceramic Systems


Chemcote’s solution has extended the life of this asset by 12-24 months, and delivered a 30% improvement in functioning. Continuous high performance is guaranteed until our review at the next planned outage.


Base Plate Corrosion Prevention

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Industrial Fallout Protection

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