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Base Plate Corrosion Prevention

OVERVIEW:    A 40 year old excess gas bleeder structure had been previously repaired by another contractor. Their coating failed within 2 years. Chemcote was engaged to rectify the faulty repairs with minimal interruption to plant service.

After inspections carried out to identify the extent of the damage, our solution required innovative surface preparation to ensure our coatings have the best opportunity to provide long service life. We delivered the asset owner a result that guarantees many years of protection from fall out and moisture in this aggressive environment.


Very high industrial aggressive areas with fallout from cooling tower


40+ year old mild steel Excess Gas Bleeder structure


Plant fall out and moisture from cooling tower nearby, rectify other contractors work and provide long term corrosion solution


Surface & moisture tolerant Epo-Chem RS 500P and Epo-Chem RA 500M was the ideal solution for this location & environment.


Mechanically clean using needle gun and some other alternative methods behind bolts coupled with specially designed blast nozzels.
Whip abrasive blast and inspect using mirrors
Application of RS 500P @ 100 microns
Check all areas with mirrors and lighting
Application of RA500M in one coat @ 350 microns total DFT


Epo-Chem™ RS 500P and Epo-Chem™ RA 500M Epoxy Glassflake System


Chemcote’s solution has extended the life of this asset by 12-24 months, and delivered a 30% improvement in functioning. Continuous high performance is guaranteed until our review at the next planned outage.


Base Plate Corrosion Prevention

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Industrial Fallout Protection

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