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Intercooler Water Box


Intercooler Water Box


HVAC, Power Generation, Oil & Gas,



February 2012,



Cast Iron,



Chem-tect™ RB 332,

Epo-chem™ RL 500PF,



Up to 60°C Recirculated Water,



The intercooler water box unit was manufactured in 1981 and installed shortly after. It was discovered that previous coating applications did not have a uniform thickness, particularly the coating over the divider plate. This caused the divider plates to protrude higher than the flange face which resulted in damage to the coating and corrosion on the sealing face.


MISC 2 photo 1  MISC 2 photo2  MICS 3 photo 3

32 y.o. W/B Cover           After abrasive blasting           After pitfilling & coating


Chemco’s Solution:

We recommended coating with RB 332, a glass-flake filled vinyl ester coating designed to provide long term protection in this environment. Corrosion on the flange mating faces was resolved by pit filling, assisting the application of a continuous coating film of the specified product.




  • High pressure hot wash prior to entry to blast room.
  • Rebates ground on all flange faces to prevent future crevice corrosion.
  • Abrasive blast all internal surfaces
  • High pressure hot wash to reduce metallic salts below 25ppm
  • Abrasive blast to AS1627.4 to a nominal profile of 75 μm.
  • Application of one coat of RB 332 on exposed metal surfaces.
  • Rebuild all damaged baffles to original dimensions
  • Apply second and third coat of RB 332 to achieve minimum thickness of 1,000 μm.
  • Carry out QA to ensure all internal surfaces are defect free.
  • Application of RL 500PF in two coats @ 300 μm and two coats of Luxathane R.



Chemco Australia was able to refurbish the water box covers within the strict time-frame provided by the client. This application will provide at least 20 years of service life.


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