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22 year old pipes coated with glass flake vinyl ester


22 year old pipes coated with glass flake vinyl ester


The pipes were originally coated internally using a glass flake filled vinyl ester more than 22 years ago. Periodic inspection found the internal lining to be in excellent condition, however the externals were regularly exposed to industrial fallout and required additional protection.


Power Generation




Iron Body


Epo-Chem™ RS 500P to externals of immersed areas

Epo-Chem™ RA 500M to externals of immersed areas

Epo-Chem™ RC 500GTC topcoat


Industrial fall out


The internal lining applied 22 years ago has outlasted the external paint system where some reliability teams might normally overlook some of the existing corrosion issues as the internals would take priority. Reclassify the external exposure to a C5-1 environment and match the coating specification required to provide extended life

Chemcote’s Solution

Composite materials were chosen to rebuild the metal loss. We then applied RB 364, a glass flake filled vinyl ester consolidated with composite reinforcing to areas of the casing that had been damaged by external factors to return it to its original strength.


Onsite water blast, needle gun and mechanical preparation on flange faces and pedestals

Workshop, abrasive blast to Class 3, 60μm profile pipe internals insitu and pipe externals in the workshop

Internals, apply RB364

Externals, apply RS 500P RA 500M,

RL 500 PF to externals

internal lining of pipes

Internal lining in excellent condition
pipes after abrasive blasting
Abrasive blasting externals
Recoating of the external of pipes
Recoating of externals
recoating of external pipes on site
Recoating of externals in basement