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Bischoff Scrubber

OVERVIEW:    Chemcote’s specialist team utilised good project management and the fast curing Chem-tect™ RB 300 Series to navigate various delays and get the demister back in service on time with a lifespan extension.


Recirculated salt water 60°C with fine particles


Carbon steel (20mm thick)


Carry out inspection to internal lining as the work carried out overseas was not to standard as per QA documentation, carry out repairs to internal lining.


We recommended RB 332, glassflake filled vinyl ester, for its quick cure time, low moisture vapour transmission rate, and excellent corrosion and electrical isolation protection in wet environments. This coating is known to provide excellent long term corrosion/erosion resistance for this environment.


Abrasive blasting to remove dense residue

Potassium Ferrous Cyanide to determine surface cleanliness

Grinding and weld repairs to perforations. Re-abrasive blast where necessary

1st coat of RB 332 sprayed on to highlight pitting

DFT checks done after first coat and pit filling

Re-abrasive blasted floor to remove surface corrosion

Further pit filling to ensure quality coating

Top coat applied


As a result of the fast cure and good project management, the demister was back in service on time despite various delays. Coating was completed to client’s expectations and future scheduled inspections and additional tests will give a good indication of lifespan extension of demister.


Base Plate Corrosion Prevention

Repairs required Application of Primer Coating applied to affected areas After application of Topcoat Previous Next OVERVIEW:    A 40 year old excess gas bleeder structure

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