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RB 300 series to Strainer


RB 300 series to Strainer


Power Generation,



May 2010,



Salt Water Strainer,



Chem-tect™ RB 332,

RC 200 Anti Foul

RL 500PF,



Sea Water,



Inspection of the strainer found there to be a large amount of external corrosion and severe localised pitting on the internals, particularly around the sealing ring.


MISC 5 photo 1MISC 5 photo 2MISC 5 photo 4

Externals on arrival   Rebuilt sealing land   Completed strainer


Chemco’s Solution:

Due to the amount of metallic salts found after the preliminary abrasive blast it was necessary to hot wash the strainer components in an attempt to lower the salt content. Re-abrasive blasting was carried out and composite materials were chosen to rebuild the metal loss found on the tube plate support ring. Rebuilding this metal loss using our reinforced glass technique. Chemco ensured the tube plate had a flat area to rest on the mounting/sealing ring, in turn reducing costs and the additional time involved with machining.



  • Abrasive blasting to Chemco standards
  • Application of RB 332 to the internals including the rebates
  • External coating application to System A which includes the application of RL 500PF @ 300um
  • Application of RC 500GTC Jade Green
  • Packaging and protection for transport



Strainer was completed in time for re-assembly. RB 332 will provide long term protection coupled with the non-toxic anti-foul coating will prevent marine growth for a minimum of 5 years.


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