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Steel Clarifier


Steel Clarifier


Steel Manufacturing,



February 2009,



Failed coating causing steel structure to corrode,



Epo-chem™ RA 500 series,



Immersed, ambient, treated process water,



The existing coating failed due to a process change. The time constraints required Chemco to work around the clock to minimise production downtime. The coating system had to be environmentally friendly as the work was to be carried out whilst other engineering teams were in close proximity. The adjoining plant remained in operation.


STEEL 2 photo 1 STEEL 2 photo 2 STEEL 2 photo 3

Steel Clarifier                       Failed & Corroded               Coated & Protected


Chemco’s Solution:

We recommended the solvent free, low odour RA 500 series for the corroded steel clarifier; a coating system that has a life expectancy of over 25 years. This system comprised of a moisture and surface tolerant MIO ZINC primer – RS 500P plus an epoxy resin filled with screened glassflake – RA 532 as the final protective barrier.



As a result of the fast cure time, the clarifier was back in service within 76 hours. Our trained and experienced applicators paid attention to detail on all edges and weld zones. The customer was extremely satisfied with the completed job and pleased that Chemco was able to complete it on time and within budget.


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