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Heat Exchanger Vessel

32 year old heat exchange vessel Mechanical damage with heavy pitting Application of RS500P a moisture/ surface tolerant primer Application of RA532 a moisture tolerant glass-flake filled epoxy OVERVIEW:    This cast iron, recirculated water heat exchanger vessel from 1981 was exposed to inclement weather and experiencing fatigue cracking in some welds and localised corrosion […]

RB 300 – Sea Water Volute

After masking and abrasive blasting Re-mask and coating application Eye of the impeller was treated using Kevlar and RB 300 & RP 500 After external coating application OVERVIEW:    Original pumps were suffering severe corrosion and cavitation With our RB 300 series coating system, these pumps can now expect long term protection  with minimal maintenance. […]

Sea Water Volute

Industry: HVAC, Date: March 2006, Substrate: Admiralty bronze 200/200, Products: Chem-tect RB 300 Ceram-chem RP 500 Environment: Ambient Sea Water, Challenge: The original sea water volute pumps were suffering severe corrosion and cavitation. The pumps would require refurbishing and machining to original profile.   Volute after blasting      Impeller eye coated     External […]

Intercooler Water Box

32 Year old Waterbox Cover Cover after abrasive blasting Water box covers after abrasive blasting, pitfilling and coating application Externals given a protective coating and caution stencil Previous Next OVERVIEW:    Chemcote were approached to pitfill and recoat this intercooler water box unit from 1981. It was discovered that previous coating applications did not have […]

Condenser Corrosion Protection

32 year old tube sheets Osmosis blisters scattered over the entire surface Localised corrosion pitting and metal loss Tube sheets refurbished using RP 500 Epoxy system OVERVIEW:    Chemcote were approached to refurbish the recirculated water condenser unit from 1981. Repairs were made to tubes that were leaking out onto the tube sheet and localised […]