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Floating Restaurant Structure Repairs Using Underwater Curing Epoxies

By on April 26th, 2020 in Marine

Industry Marine Date October 2017 Substrate Steel Brackets Epo-chem™ RS 500P a surface and moisture tolerant primer Epo-chem™ RA 500M a glass flake filled epoxy Environment Seawater Challenge                   The use of underwater curing epoxies were the most practical solution for this project. In the complete refurbishment of the underside of this floating structure some areas read more ►

Long Term Corrosion Protection to Screw Agitator

By on May 17th, 2018 in Food & Beverage Industry, Marine, Miscellaneous

Industry                            Food and Beverage   Date February 2018   Substrate Carbon steel Auger with a red oxide coating, in service for 2 years   Products Epo-Chem RS500P & RA500M a moisture and surface tolerant MIO primer with a glass flake filled epoxy top coat.   Environment Constant salt water contact in seaweed filtering process   read more ►

Epo-chem™ RL 500PF on Galvanised Steel

By on October 10th, 2016 in Marine
Galvanised steel ready for protective coating

Industry                            Marine   Date October 2016   Substrate Galvanised Structural Steel   Products Epo-chem™ RL 500PF   Environment                    Aggressive marine conditions   Challenge This project presented two challenges to our team. The first challenge was coming up with a coating system that would adhere well to galvanised steel. The second challenge was making sure that read more ►

Sea Chest

By on September 23rd, 2015 in Marine

Industry: Marine – Shipping Date: April 2001 Substrate: Cast iron sea chest Products: Chem-tect™ RB 300 Series – Glass Flake filled vinyl ester resin RC 200 Antifoul Environment: Sea Water Challenge: The internals of a sea chest located in the engine room were heavily corroded and required refurbishment. This included encapsulation and effective dust extraction read more ►

Ballast Tank

By on September 16th, 2015 in Marine

Industry:                        Marine – Oil & Gas Date: April 2009 Substrate:  Mild Steel Products: Epo-chem™ RS 500P Epo-chem™ RA 500M Environment:                 Sea mist & sludge Challenge: Due to the high cost associated with environment control and grit read more ►

Valve Coating

By on March 17th, 2015 in Marine

Industry: Oil & Gas, Marine,   Date: November 2005,   Substrate: Cast iron Valve body,   Products: Chem-tect™ RB 300 Series – Internals Epo-chem™ RL 500PF – Externals   Environment: Sea water,   Challenge: The internals of the valve were heavily graphitised requiring refurbishment as a replacement would have taken up to 12 weeks because read more ►

Bridge Piles

By on February 2nd, 2015 in Marine
Diver-Cote for use on Bridge Piles

Industry: Marine,   Date: July 2009,   Substrate: Bridge Piles,   Products: Epo-chem™ RA 500UW,   Environment: Immersed, aggressive marine conditions,   Challenge: The Client required the bridge piles to be repaired and protected from the immersed aggressive marine conditions. A solvent free, underwater coating was required to reduce Microbiological Induced Corrosion (MIC) and provide read more ►