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Floating Restaurant Structure Repairs Using Underwater Curing Epoxies

Condition before surface preparation Mechanical Preparation Primer Application Second Coat applied OVERVIEW:    In the complete refurbishment of the underside of this floating structure, some areas were replaced. Other areas required repairs to be done in-situ by using underwater curing epoxies. A team of experienced divers applied the underwater curing Epo chem™ system, which is […]

Long Term Corrosion Protection to Screw Agitator

On Arrival Condition on Arrival On Completion Completed OVERVIEW:    Customer was looking for a quick turn around food safe coating that will provide corrosion and erosion resistance. We ensure strict QA procedures are followed including DFT and holiday testing to the required voltage to ensure many years of service INDUSTRY Food & Beverage Industry […]

Epo-chem™ RL 500PF on Galvanised Steel

Galvanised fascia prior to coating Cracks and crevices filled with Polyurethane sealant Applying Epo-chem RL 500PF Fascia finished off with Polyurethane finish coat OVERVIEW:    Original fabrication and galvanising treatment were completed in Asia to a substandard degree. This was rectified with long term corrosion protection for aggressive coastal environments applied to meet construction schedule. […]

Sea Chest

Corrosion on cast iron sea chest prior to treatment Sea chest after abrasive blasting Sea chest after 3 coats of RB 300 Series and 2 coats of RC 200 to prevent marine growth OVERVIEW:    The internals of a sea chest located in the engine room were heavily corroded and required refurbishment and protection against salt […]

Ballast Tank

OVERVIEW:    Due to the high cost associated with environment control and grit removal, abrasive blasting could not be carried out. Chemco’s range of surface/moisture tolerant coatings which are solvent free were applied following mechanical cleaning and high pressure water blasting of the surface. INDUSTRY Marine – Oil & Gas ENVIRONMENT Sea mist & sludge […]

Valve Coating

After abrasive blasting and hot washing main body Illustrating fit filling & coating on flange faces & rebates after sanding Coating application completed and installation of nylon bar OVERVIEW:    The internals of the valve were heavily graphitised and requiring refurbishment with the guide channel for the valve entirely corroded away. A replacement would have […]

Bridge Piles

Corroded Bridge Piles Coating Underwater Set up on dive barge alongside OVERVIEW:    A solution was required to prevent corrosion on existing bridge piles underwater and in the tidal zone. A wet and surface tolerant solution was required. INDUSTRY Marine ENVIRONMENT Immersed, aggressive marine conditions SUBSTRATE Bridge Piles CHALLENGE The Client required the bridge piles […]