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Split Case Salt Water Pump Refurbishment

OVERVIEW:    Pump has been in service for 15 + years providing the customer with peace of mind, and uninterrupted service, localised spot repairs were required due to mechanical damage



Ambient Sea Water


Cast Iron body


The original split case halves didn’t match with a misalignment of 35-40mm causing cavitation in the anti-swirl veins, we recommended a profile alignment and the addition of composite reinforcing


Repair mechanical damage. We then applied RB 364, a glass flake filled vinyl ester consolidated with composite reinforcing to areas of the casing that had been damaged by external factors to return it to its original strength.


Onsite hotwash and scrub of internal lining to identify damage for repair

Whip & Spot Abrasive blast damaged areas

Application of RB 364 to bare metal areas of internals

Reprofile using chopped strand and RB 364

Apply RP 500 in two coats @ 250µm each

RL 500 PF to externals in two coats


Internals coated using Chem-tect™ RB 364

Internals RP 500

Externals Epo-Chem™ RL 500PF


Base Plate Corrosion Prevention

Repairs required Application of Primer Coating applied to affected areas After application of Topcoat Previous Next OVERVIEW:    A 40 year old excess gas bleeder structure

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Industrial Fallout Protection

After whip abrasive blasting Application of Epo-chem system to internals Basalt Fibre application on internals OVERVIEW:    A steel production plant contracted Chemcote to reinforce

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