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RE 500P & RW 500 Applied on Hot Car Structure


RE 500P & RW 500 Applied on Hot Car Structure


Steel Manufacturing



September 2016



Mild steel substrate



Epo-chem™ RE 500P & RW 500



1,000°C Coking Coal transport wagon where 80°C recirculated water is used to quench the load.



After successful spot repairs on existing hot car structures insitu, we were asked to provide the same solution on a brand new fabrication. The project consisted of a long wall approximately 20 mt long and 2 side walls approximately 4 metres long each. This was an excellent opportunity for Chemco to provide ultimate surface preparation and application. The challenge was the length and weight of the items and the attention to detail required around all the crevices and welds.


Chemco’s Solution     

We recommended Epo-chem™ RE 500P a high temperature resistant surface tolerant, Novolac Epoxy primer. Top coated with Epo-chem™ RW500, glassflake filled, high temperature resistant Novolac Epoxy. The coating system provides excellent corrosion/erosion resistance against this environment.



Abrasive blasting to AS 1627.4 Class 3, 60µm profile.

Application of RE 500P in one coat at 100µm nominal and application of RW 500 at 350µm Dry Film Thickness (DFT)



Most linings were breaking down and failing within a short period of time, between 2 & 8 weeks of service. An inspection of our spot repairs after 12 months have indicated that our glass flake coating system can withstand these harsh environments. We expect the freshly coated components to provide the most superior coating system used on this structure to date. This saves the client a lot of money and reduces a lot of equipment down time.

Hot car structure during fabrication
Hot car structure during fabrication
RE 500P applied at 100um
RE 500P applied at 100um nominal
RW 500 applied at 350um to 20mt long frame
RW 500 applied at 350m to 20mt long frame


Carefully loading the finished item
Carefully loading the finished frame


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