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Using 500 Series in Preventing Hang Up on Matcon Valve

During Inspection On Arrival Internals Coated Externals Complete OVERVIEW:    Chemco’s  Ceram-chem™ system was used to rebuild the internal profile of this valve, and coat to prevent future corrosion and abrasion. In addition, RP 500 creates a slippery surface preventing hang up and blockage issues, maximising the valve’s efficiency. INDUSTRY Mineral Processing ENVIRONMENT Coke breeze […]

RE 500P & RW 500 Applied on Hot Car Structure

Hot car structure during fabrication RE 500P applied at 100um nominal RW 500 applied at 350m to 20mt long frame Carefully loading the finished frame OVERVIEW:    The project consisted of a long wall approximately 20 mt long and 2 side walls approximately 4 metres long each. This was an excellent opportunity for Chemcote to provide […]

RL 500PF for Castor Segments

Segment after pre abrasive blasting RL 500PF During Application Top Coat Application Completed Segment Previous Next OVERVIEW:    Chemcote’s client welcomed a trial in an effort to reduce long term maintenance costs. Thanks to the Chemco zinc rich high temperature resistant epoxy coating system, after equivalent time in service, the coating to the castor segments was […]

Corrosion Protection For Hot Salt Water

Pipe spools with challenging configurations Applying RB 300 to the internals of a pipe the only way possible Holiday testing RB 300 internal coating Finished elbow showing rebated flange face to prevent crevice corrosion OVERVIEW:    A series of pipe spools with diverse configurations and diameters required long term corrosion protection against high temperature salt […]

Refurbish Fibreglass Tanker

12,000 litre rigid tank Underside of outlet Faulty join between the elbow and pipe section, showing void New outlet installed and tank hydrostatically tested OVERVIEW:    Chemcote was able to successfully refurbish this asset owner’s 5 year old FRP tanker to protect against Sodium Hypochlorite. The surface was treated to neutralise the pH and composite […]

Improving Pump Performance

Chemco Australia specialises in providing guaranteed corrosion solutions for your equipment either at our Wollongong workshop or conveniently on your site. We have technicians who are skilled in the application of advanced ceramic & glassflake filled coatings to any substrate. With years of experience in improving pump performance for manufacturers and end users, we can protect […]

Coating of Acetic Acid Bund

Deteriorated Concrete Bund Close up of aggregate showing Concrete loss and aggregate is exposed After: Coated floor OVERVIEW:    The Chemical Manufacturing Client approached us to provide a remedial solution on their Acetic Acid Concrete Bund. We applied a tough, impermeable barrier for severe chemical acid resistance ensuring protection from long term exposure to acid, […]