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Vacuum Pump


Vacuum Pump


Oil & Gas Industry,



March 2010,



Cast and machined carbon steel,



Chem-tect™ RB 300 series,



With an unprotected carbon steel pump, the rotor and barrel generally suffer rapid corrosion through contaminated water or acidic solvents used as sealant solutions. This leads to premature failure, inefficiency and costly repairs.

Chemco’s challenge was to specify a coating that would repair the existing corrosion damage, restore the barrel and rotor back to the manufacturers original tolerances, extend the life of the Siemens pump, increase efficiency and prevent premature failures.


OIL 4 photo 1 OIL 4 photo 2 OIL 4 Photo 3

Siemens barrel & end plate  Rotor: Rebuilt & machined  Final balance to G2.5


Chemco’s Solution:

Chemco recommended the RB 300 series coating system with the ability to rebuild the pump’s corroded components back to the manufacturer’s original specifications.



  • Pre-balance and pre-machine to allow for coating thickness.
  • Abrasive blast to Class 2.5, minimum 50μm profile.
  • Apply Chem-tect™ RB 300 to a DFT of 1000μm.
  • Build up machined surfaces using RB 300 to a DFT of 3000μm.
  • Post machine and post balance to clients required tolerances.
  • Carry out DFT checks and holiday test to 8kV DC



The vacuum pump was rebuilt and returned to service within a few weeks. A new replacement pump had a lead time of 20 weeks. The client was extremely happy thanks to the experienced Chemco team and the exceptional qualities of the RB 300 series.


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