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Exhaust Stacks External Corrosion

Methane Gas Power Plant Corroded exhaust pipes and manifolds Extent of surface corrosion Exhaust stacks after 5 years in service OVERVIEW:    Exhaust stacks in a methane gas power plant are genuine workhorses. There’s no time for rest, and they need to be productive 24/7. Obviously, corrosion protection is a real challenge, but one that […]

Structural Steel

Corroded deck Wet abrasive blasting Completed coating on section of the deck OVERVIEW:    Highly corroded carbon steel decks would have taken 12 months to re-surface with riding crew permanently on board. Corrosion would have re-appeared upon completion under high humidity and rain conditions. Chemcote applied wet & surface tolerant coatings with minimal disruption to […]

Heat Exchanger Vessel

32 year old heat exchange vessel Mechanical damage with heavy pitting Application of RS500P a moisture/ surface tolerant primer Application of RA532 a moisture tolerant glass-flake filled epoxy OVERVIEW:    This cast iron, recirculated water heat exchanger vessel from 1981 was exposed to inclement weather and experiencing fatigue cracking in some welds and localised corrosion […]

Oil & Gas Rig Decks

Industry: Oil & Gas Industry,   Date: April 2010,   Substrate: Carbon Steel Rig Decks,   Products: Epo-chem RS 500P Chem-tect RA 500M   Environment: Wet & Humid, atmospheric moisture    Challenge: Heavily corroded steel rig decks would have taken 12 months to re-surface with riding crew permanently on board. Corrosion would have re-appeared upon […]

500 series for Water Treatment Vessel

Blast removed original coating First coat applied Close up of pinholes Internals completed OVERVIEW:    Pinholes affected the ‘wash area’ in an 800‐1000mm wide band below the tank’s centerline. Osmosis blistering resulted in crevice corrosion which was invisible at the coating application stage. These pin-holes measured 3-4 mm in depth and .5-1mm wide. Previous coating failure […]

RB 300 series for Cooling Water Systems

Condenser waterbox treated in workshop Tubesheet on arrival and rubber bungs installed Tubesheet on completion OVERVIEW:    The cooling water system’s tube sheets, internals and sealing faces were suffering severe pitting corrosion due to a galvanic reaction between dissimilar metals. The  Chem-tect™ RB 300 series was used to protect against sea water at temoeratures of […]

Oil Storage Tank

OVERVIEW:    This petrochemical client had a fuel oil storage tank which required re-coating. The coating system requirement was for a long term corrosion solution that will provide in excess of 15 years of service as the previous coating had failed. INDUSTRY Oil Refinery ENVIRONMENT Immersed, ambient, possible MIC SUBSTRATE Steel floor with failed coating […]

Vacuum Pump

Siemens barrel & end plate after final machining Siemens rotor, rebuilt and machined to original tolerances Final balance to G2.5.View of the RB 300 series ability to be machined back to critical dimensions and tight tolerances OVERVIEW:    The pump was rebuilt and returned to service within a few weeks whereas a new replacement pump […]

Intercooler Water Box

32 Year old Waterbox Cover Cover after abrasive blasting Water box covers after abrasive blasting, pitfilling and coating application Externals given a protective coating and caution stencil Previous Next OVERVIEW:    Chemcote were approached to pitfill and recoat this intercooler water box unit from 1981. It was discovered that previous coating applications did not have […]