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Blast Furnace Recovery Turbine Repairs

Set up of Containment Masking before Blasting Spool Condition before Coating Aerial view of Outlet Spool from Shutoff Valve Completed Outlet Spool Internals Application of Final Wrapping Layers on legs Internal and External Coating complete Coated and ready for reassembly on site Coated and ready for reassembly on site Ready to be reinstalled on site […]

Relining of Open Top Quench Tank

Condition before abrasive blasting Containment set up to prevent dust emissions Removal of garnet after abrasive blasting First Coat Spray applied OVERVIEW:    Chemcote’s specialist team has achieved excellent corrosion protection for their customer. By using Chem-tect™ RB 300 the Open Top Quench Tank is expected to surpass a further 20 years life in service. […]

Hot Car Bogie

Mechanical Preparation of Bogie Heavily Corroded Bogie On Site RE 500P Applied to Mechanically Prepared Surface OVERVIEW:    Engineers had previously tried different coatings with varied results. The aggressive environment had required structural steel repairs to be carried out every two years as the regular thermocycling in service exceeds many coatings limitations. Chemcote had previously completed […]

Blast Furnace Dust Discharge Valve Refurbishment

On arrival suffering corrosion erosion Condition on arrival Refurbishment process After coating internals OVERVIEW:    Environments such as blast furnaces are subject to high temperatures and particulate, which can accelerate the onset of corrosion and erosion. Constant exposure to heat and blast furnace dust over a period time has a damaging impact on steel structures, […]

Extension Leveller Cassette Corrosion Prevention

Condition in Situ After Blasting Inspection in Workshop Coating Application on Site OVERVIEW:    Since re-coating Chemcote’s team has ensured the Extension Leveller is now in excellent condition and maintenance costs have also been drastically reduced. INDUSTRY Steel Manufacturing ENVIRONMENT Recycled cooling water SUBSTRATE Steel  CHALLENGE Asset owners of the Extension Leveller Cassette engaged us to […]

Corrosion Protection of Basket Strainer

On Arrival After 3rd Blast After 2nd Blast and 2 Hot Washes Finished OVERVIEW:    The customer required  quick repairs and minimal disruption during their project.  Heavy corrosion was removed to assist in some necessary weld repairs, with the rest of the holes and heavy localised pitting through the body restored to the original surface […]

Using 500 Series in Preventing Hang Up on Matcon Valve

During Inspection On Arrival Internals Coated Externals Complete OVERVIEW:    Chemco’s  Ceram-chem™ system was used to rebuild the internal profile of this valve, and coat to prevent future corrosion and abrasion. In addition, RP 500 creates a slippery surface preventing hang up and blockage issues, maximising the valve’s efficiency. INDUSTRY Mineral Processing ENVIRONMENT Coke breeze […]

RE 500P & RW 500 Applied on Hot Car Structure

Hot car structure during fabrication RE 500P applied at 100um nominal RW 500 applied at 350m to 20mt long frame Carefully loading the finished frame OVERVIEW:    The project consisted of a long wall approximately 20 mt long and 2 side walls approximately 4 metres long each. This was an excellent opportunity for Chemcote to provide […]

RL 500PF for Castor Segments

Segment after pre abrasive blasting RL 500PF During Application Top Coat Application Completed Segment Previous Next OVERVIEW:    Chemcote’s client welcomed a trial in an effort to reduce long term maintenance costs. Thanks to the Chemco zinc rich high temperature resistant epoxy coating system, after equivalent time in service, the coating to the castor segments was […]

Bischoff Scrubber

Externals of Bischoff Scrubber Before – Pitting beneath build-up Beige indicatIng pit filled areas After coating completion OVERVIEW:    Chemcote’s specialist team utilised good project management and the fast curing Chem-tect™ RB 300 Series to navigate various delays and get the demister back in service on time with a lifespan extension. INDUSTRY Steel Manufacturing ENVIRONMENT […]